Guided Health Model

How the Model Works

  1. Guided Health works with your QA/PI systems to approve and implement procedures to provide exceptional care.
  2. We train your providers on how and when to refer clients, and support your staff in the day to day operations.
  3. We provide pre-screened, pre-trained contract professionals, and review the practitioners and systems to ensure ongoing quality of care.

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Why the Guided Health Model Works: A Competitive Advantage

Offering in-house acupuncture differentiates your facility from the competition. Guided Health allows your facility to provide alternative modalities for patients who want or need a different approach, such as patients who are refractory to treatment or who prefer a holistic approach.

Having additional options for treatment increases both level and perception of care. Including CAM provides options for patients that lead to increased customer satisfaction and increased patient care options, which promotes more word-of-mouth referrals for your facility.

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Fast Facts: Why Act Now?

You are already losing potential customers!

  • Approximately 70% of patients who are already using alternative medicine do not inform their primary physicians*

Consumer demand

  • Americans spent over $33 billion on CAM products and visits in 2007, which accounted for 11.2 percent of all out-of-pocket spending on health care.**
  • A 2009 Deloitte study shows that varied and sizeable consumer segments of consumers are interested in alternative care, and
  • 2007 McKinsey and Company report found that 41% of patients’ choice of hospital is based on their offerings of “amenities” that included complementary and alternative therapies

A growing market

  • The popularity of alternative medicine has increased over 40% over the last 15 years, and is continuing to grow!**
  • A 2007 NIH NCCAM survey of the American public indicates a dramatic increase in the number of people using CAM
  • An increasing number of patients prefer health care professionals who are oriented towards alternative treatment

You have the opportunity to define the market.

References: *2010 Complementary and Alternative Medicine Survey of Hospitals, ** 2007 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS),Deloitte 2009 study

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