Benefits to: your facility | current facility MD’s/Prescribers | Floor Staff/Nurses | to the Acupuncturist

Benefits to your facility

  • Guided Health gives your facility a competitive advantage by providing:
  • Marketing incentives
  • Patient satisfaction, retention & loyalty
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Inspection and review by the regulatory agency (Joint Commission/CMS)
  • Limited liability through contract relationship
  • Access to qualified, certified acupuncturists
  • Better patient outcomes***
  • Ongoing peer review of acupuncturists
  • On-hand support and pre-established procedures and policies for operations
  • Breakthrough into CAM set the trend for the competition to follow!

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Benefits to current facility MD’s/Prescribers

  • Expand and increase offerings, provide solutions
  • Provides support and more options for doctors
  • Allow doctors to maintain a certain degree of control over patient care by keeping them ‘central’ and connected
  • Provide additional tools to help patients
  • Another set of eyes and an in-house ‘second opinion’
  • Provide communication and feedback of treatment success
  • Tool for helping difficult patient segments
  • Ability to fulfill patient desire and needs
  • Favorable perception of MD and care, increased perception of progressiveness
  • Consideration of alternative methods of treatment may resonate positively with patients by communicating commitment to patients, willingness to consider the whole person and their long-term needs, and preventative care- showing doctors are there not only to cure, but to care.

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Benefits to Floor Staff/Nurses

  • Alert to patient issues- increased communication
  • Help with problem patients and helps minimize stress
  • Provides support/more options
  • Assurance of quality of complementary care received
  • Shared records, transparency, including communication, information resource, second opinion
  • Provide communication and feedback of treatment success

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Benefits to the Acupuncturist

  • Revenue source without the risk and responsibility
  • Consistent fixed pay
  • No self-marketing required
  • Support network and information resource

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