I added esoteric acupuncture to my practice after being encouraged to review Dr. Mikio Sankey(LAc, PhD)‘s  work by a long time colleague.  During my training, I experienced significant results and release of long standing personal barriers to my own healing.

I am thankful to be able to bring this treatment option to my practice.  This style of acupuncture adds a profound psychological layer of healing to treatments.  The focus is wellness rather than directly working on disease or physical symptoms.

Trauma heals on multiple layers by using sacred geometry with acupuncture points.  This activates the physical body’s energetic systems, allowing a deep healing from a psychological and spiritual standpoint. In my experience, this method creates a deeper and longer lasting healing  that traditional acupuncture.

In my work at the psychiatric hospital, I have treated many patients with profound trauma and psychological issues. I found that using this modality has generated  numerous reports from my patients that they have experienced a significant reduction in symptoms.

You can find more information on Esoteric Acupuncture and Dr. Mikio Sankey PhD, LAc here.

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