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     Jennie Kjos

What The Guided Health Model Does for Your Facility

Guided Health facilitates enhanced patient care and improved customer satisfaction by expanding services into complementary care. Our regulatory tested procedures and credentialed contract professionals make Guided Health a first choice for the risk-averse administrator.  Acu-Ease™  allows use of oriental medicine therapy while minimizing the liability associated with many needles without compromising efficacy.

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To bridge Eastern and Western medicine within the contemporary medical environment.

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The mission of Guided Health is to increase the offerings of medical facilities and create opportunities for acupuncturists to practice in western medical facilities by creating and implementing a working model that allows administrators to feel comfortable expanding therapy options using competent professionals.  The Acu-Easemodality provides acupuncturists training to enhance their treatments by using a “less is more” approach, while staying within the scope of their initial training.

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The Healthcare Dilemma

Q: How can your facility incorporate complementary medicine into your services and ensure that…

  • Policies will pass scrutiny of the accrediting bodies- The Joint Commission?
  • You are hiring quality professionals, and that your acupuncturists are credentialed?
  • There is adequate peer review?
  • Acupuncturists meet hospital standards of care?
  • Appropriate documentation will be presented to inspectors?

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The Guided Health Solution

A: We have developed the processes, policies, procedures, and tools to create a structured environment for acupuncturists and massage therapists to practice within regulatory guidelines. The Guided Health Model has been created to complement existing treatment modalities without interupting existing procedures.

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