“I was a physical and emotional wreck when I came to Jennie for treatment with Frequency Specific Micro-current . A lifetime of crippling pain, inadequate diagnoses, and ineffective treatments had led me on a constant search for relief.
Jennie has patiently worked with me through complicated issues to find effective treatment protocols. Her knowledge of anatomy and the functions of the body’s system have greatly increased my understanding of what my body is doing and why I have certain challenges.
After a few FSM treatments, I am now able to sleep through the night without waking up in pain, and have been able to discontinue use of any pain relieving medications. I have come to consider FSM as a valuable tool in my path to wellness.” Betty S.

Intermittent incontinence, PTSD, sleep and arthritis pain:

“Thank you, Jennie, for the profound FSM treatments.  What a difference they have made! As a post-menopausal woman who has had several children, I have had to deal with the loss of bladder tone.  Bladder issues are inconvenient and, at times, embarrassing.  Your treatment reduced the challenges with that by 90%.  That alone would have been worth the treatments.  

These treatments also helped with ongoing low and mid back pain from arthritis, which was aggravated by a serious car accident and PTSD from the accident and older incidents.  My sleep has improved as well. 

Thank you, I think this is a life-changing modality, and I am grateful that you offer it.  I highly recommend and would give you six stars out of 5. “  Karen K

Wound Healing:

“A few weeks ago I scalded my arm with scalding hot water.  The blister that occurred was about 2in by about 1 1/2in.  The doctor said it was a second degree burn and that it would take a month to heal. A week later, Jennie programmed the machine for wound healing.  Amazingly, in one night, the blister receded and the healing took place. It was remarkably clear in another week.  I was amazed to see it.” Francesca R

Respiratory Virus:

“When I came down with that virus, Jennie was kind enough to bring me her FSM machine. She told me I would feel better the next day. I DID! I FELT SO MUCH BETTER! My fever was gone and my energy started to come back. It was absolutely amazing.” Karen H

Sleep, Bone Healing and Arthritis

“I have always believed that the future of medicine will be vibrational healing and Jennie’s work is on the cutting edge. Her treatments have helped me with sleep, detoxing, bone healing and most recently irradicated my arthritic knee pain.  Her treatments are my first choice for natural healing.  Thank you Jennie!” Suzanne L

Depression and PTSD

“For decades I suffered from a condition that Western medicine told me had no cure and no viable treatment. It included symptoms that caused me great embarrassment in social situations. I tried isolating myself for years but that just led to depression. I tried different medications and different alternative therapies but was not getting any results. Then through serendipity I met Jennie and her “magical” machine. After discussing with Jennie my situation she programmed her machine to treat both my depression and the embarrassing symptoms. I can’t tell you how it has changed my life. The symptoms were almost completely gone after one treatment and so was the depression. I have had just a couple of follow-up treatments and with each visit I continue to see improvements. And that’s why I call it the “magical” machine. It has done something that no other treatment has ever done. It has given me my life back.”  Karen R